• Copywriting Survey

    Changing the copy and keywords of an existing listing may negatively influence its performance temporarily, regardless of how poorly optimized the product was before. This is because of the way listings are indexed by Amazon. Be aware that changes can take time to improve conversion and consider implementing the various parts of the new listing gradually and watching the results.

    WARNING: The amount of detail you provide here directly contributes to the copy you will receive. If you are vague in your responses it will negatively contribute to the quality of what we write. The more information we have, the better the copy will be.
  • Brand Information

  • You can find this in the Amazon listing url. It’s a 10 character alphanumeric
  • Competitor Information

  • This is for research purposes
  • This is for research purposes
  • This is for research purposes
  • Other Information

  • If this is an existing listing, please let us what your current conversion rate is. To find this, go to Reports > Business Reports.

    You want to view the Details Sales/Traffic by Child Item (which is the most accurate and what Amazon recommends). Don’t use the “Parent.”

    This is what you’re looking for when you log into the report: