“The Better Your Product team is one of the most hard-working, efficient, and upstanding groups you’ll ever come across”
– Heather

Dylan Frost

Amazon Marketplace Expert Consultant

Dylan makes things happen. When we need to get the ball rolling, we call on Dylan. He positions our team appropriately so that we can not just Better Your Products/Brand/Potential… but better ourselves too.

Dan Meadors

Amazon Marketplace Expert Consultant

Need to know ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING about Amazon Marketplace? Whether understanding the HTML, the EBC, the BTG, or any other acronym… Dan’s got you covered. We know what we know because of Dan.

Kaitlyn Waddle

Customer Support Specialist

Jake is the guy that every other business wish they had. He cares about each and every person and does everything that he can to take care of issues. He’s just one man, but takes the place of an entire support team.

Ford Edwards

Graphic Designer

Ford is like our little brother in the office. We relentlessly pick on him, but he takes it like a champ. When most graphic designers would spend 5 minutes on a junk product… Ford Edwards spends as much time is needed to output a high quality design he’s proud of (and you will be too).

Josh Coppock

Development Team Leader

Who keeps everyone in line? It’s this guy. With a smile on his face, Josh is the encourager and motivator behind our business. He manages the entire development team and ensures all projects are done in a timely and quality manner.

Ronie Gallego

Web Designer

Ronie is the one we call on for pretty much anything. His skill set is far beyond his web design abilities. Have you ever known someone with 8 full time jobs that still makes time for friends and family? Yeah, that’s Ronie… and he’s amazing.

Ricky Docto

Account Manager

Ricky is the behind-the-scenes man who watches each client’s request from beginning until end.  He manages the process and makes sure our team is staying on task.


Kevin Flora

Lead Systems Coordinator

When a system or process needs to be put into place, this is the guy. 99.9% of things can be automated (according to Kevin). So we just let him figure that out.

Erik Alamillo

Web Designer

This Erik is one of a kind. Like most of our team, his job title is a fraction of his capabilities. When we have a task we’re not sure how to do, we call Erik up and before we get back from lunch it’s done.


Graphic Designer

You have a design idea?…Prince has a completed design. He is the best graphic design around and can put a brand’s vision down on paper faster than you can say “Purple Rain”.


We are always on the lookout for the next talent… the next individual that moves our team forward. Tell us about yourself and how you believe you’d fit in with us!


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