We build WEBSITES specifically designed to help YOU get more WHOLESALE ACCOUNTS.

There are lots of firms you can find that build websites. Ours is the only one that understands what Amazon sellers need. That is because we commissioned Dan and Dylan to choose design layouts and consult on the templated copy used in the websites we make.

We handle EVERYTHING for you.

Creating a website yourself can be challenging. You may not have an eye for design, you don’t know what to write or say on your website…or maybe you aren’t tech savvy. Lots of people get hung up on the step of trying to build their own websites and it stagnates their business growth because they aren’t working on other important goals. 

That is why we offer a full service website solution. We design everything. Write templated copy that you can change if you desire. Connect everything and manage everything so you don’t have to.

Check out some SAMPLES of what our websites look like. Just click the images below to view.

Check out some SAMPLES of what our websites look like. Just click the images below to view.

“The team behind Better Your Product is who we personally use to design our websites and that is why I am so comfortable recommending their services to others.”

– Dylan Frost

“I’m very happy I was referred to Better Your Product. I wish I would have found them a year ago instead of attempting to build my site on my own, then having a horrible experience with a different web designer! They were very professional, stated what they could do, then did it. Couldn’t have asked for more. Everyone was super communicative, and they had a way of making me feel my site was their #1 priority. The turnaround time surpassed my expectations, while not sacrificing quality.”

– Tricia Castellanos

“We are already landing accounts since we started using our website. If you are strapped for time or if you are not good with computers – this service is great.”

– Charles Abbott

Don’t just take our word for it…

Mike Drar

Amazon Reseller

Timothy Gonzalez

Amazon Reseller

Website Pricing

Just Enough to Get By
1 Month Turnaround
One-Page Website (5 Sections)
Image Header
Up to 4 Service Icons
1 Revision
$497 $398 + $29/mo
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The Best of the Best
2 Week Turnaround
Multi-Page Website (6 Pages)
Video Header
Up to 12 Service Icons
Up to 3 Revisions
$1,197 $958 + $29/mo
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Not the Best… But ‘Aight
1 Month Turnaround
One-Page Website (6 Sections)
Video Header
Up to 6 Service Icons
Up to 2 Revisions
$797 $637+ $29/mo
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There are annual costs involved with keeping a website up. We completely manage all of that and with our resources, it’s actually cheaper to let us do it than to do it yourself. We have crunched the numbers for you below, along with a list of our services included in our complete website management monthly charge.


You may not even know what this is, or why it is important, but all websites on the Internet have to be hosted. We handle this completely for you as a part of the service charge.

Wix charges $11 per month at minimum for hosting. That’s $132 per year to do it yourself with wix.


We make all the changes and updates to your website that you need. Want to change a picture or switch around some copy? No problem, just email us and let us know exactly what you’d like.

If this saves you only an hour per month, and you value your time at just $12 per hour, that’s $144 per year to do it yourself.


Your domain name costs about $12 per year. We pay the fee on your behalf AND you don’t have to bother with connecting it or setting it up properly.

We take care of the DNS, MX Records, CNAME and all the other goofy acronyms involved!


Websites we manage are able to use our SSL security technology. This means that brand owners visiting your site will never receive messages that your site is not safe or unsecured.

The cheapest you can buy SSL technology for yourself is about $60 per year


Ensuring that your website is updated may be the single most important part of your online presence. Our team checks your site weekly to be sure that you have all current updates so your website never crashes, saving you time and headache.


Having an email with your business name tells your clients that you are a real company. We create a Gmail Account for you with your Business URL so that you can stand out to your suppliers.

This costs $6 per month with Google. We pay it for you for one email address and then we manage any further addresses at your expense.

If you add it all up, you save at least $50 per year to let us do everything for you vs doing it yourself!


Can I keep the domain name I already own?

Yes! We will even handle the transfer of the domain to the new site and take over billing for the domain.

What if I don’t have a domain name?

No worries. We can find a great one for you!

Do I need a logo?

We highly recommend you have a logo. If you don’t have one, we can design a beautiful logo for only $249. Just let us know you want one in the contact form below and we’ll get in touch!

Can I choose what value props I want listed on my website?

Yes! And Dan and Dylan have created templated copy for them (which you can change later if you want).

Is every website you make unique?

Yes! We have a large database of copy, design elements, and pictures from which to create your unique website.

Can I make changes to my site if I want to update later on?

Yes! The monthly membership fee means that you can make as many changes as you want, and we’ll do it for you! Just let us know anytime you have an update and we’ll take care of it.


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